Mobile Arrow Tag

Quick Details

Minimum age:No Age Restriction – Recommended 12 & Up
Duration: Two hours
Offered: Seven days a week, 9 a.m. to midnight
Includes: Gear sets, inflatable bunkers, unlimited games

10 gear sets, 6 inflatable bunkers
20 gear sets, 12 inflatable bunkers

We bring the fun to you with our mobile game of arrow tag! Don’t miss your target with this fast-paced battle.

What is Arrow Tag?

Arrow tag is a fast-paced game of tag that is very similar to dodgeball, but instead of using balls, players use bows and arrows with safety foam tips!

The Gear

  • Protective face mask
  • 48-inch wooden recurve bow (with a 20-pound draw)
  • Graphite arrows with foam tips
  • Forearm protector

The Rules

  • In a standard game, players from both teams sprint to the safe zone in the middle of the field to retrieve their arrows and then the game is on!
  • Players work together to eliminate the other team or shoot out the five targets from the opposing team’s target board.
  • Any hit to the body or bow counts as an elimination. Eliminated players go to the sideline and wait to be brought back in by someone on their team.
  • Eliminated players can only be brought back if someone from their team shoots out one of the targets from the opposing team’s target board or if someone on their team catches an arrow fired by the opposing team with one hand.

How to Win

The game ends when one team eliminates all the opposing players or knocks out all five of the targets from the opposing teams’ target board.

Many variations can be played based on players’ requests.

Please Note

Only a $50 deposit is required to book online!

Three days’ advance notice is required to book.

If you have any questions, call us at (855)-901-7529 or email us at [email protected]