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Weekend Battlefield Laser Tag Party Package

Quick Details

Minimum age: No Age Restriction – Recommended 7 & Up
Duration: 30 minutes to two hours
Offered: Seven days a week

30 Minute Game
Party for 10
Additional Guests
1 Hour
Party for 10
Additional Guests
2 Hour
Party for 10
Additional Guests

Outdoor Laser Tag Party Package

Our Laser Tag Party Packages are for groups of 10 or more players looking to save big money on their party. Each additional player after 10 is added at an even further discounted price!

About the Outdoor Battlefield Laser Tag Experience

  • In our very unique style of outdoor laser tag, you run through the woods in an attempt to outwit and outlast the opposition in a game of war, so camo up!
  • Face off in multiple games of capture the flag, elimination, free for all, and domination.
  • Work together to eliminate the opposing team, hang their flag, or dominate an objective!
  • It’s all the fun of paintball, without the pain of being hit! Plus you get unlimited shots and reloads!

What Are Battlefield Laser Tag Guns Like?

  • Battlefield Laser Tag guns are professional military training grade units.
  • They weigh 3 to 5 pounds, depending on the model.
  • They feature working red dot scopes for long range accuracy up to 400 yards!
  • They sound like the real thing!
  • They have realistic reload times based on the real thing and have realistic clip/magazine sizes.
  • They make a wounded noise when you get shot and a scream when you die!
  • They feature voice feedback that indicates if you wounded or killed an opponent.
  • They utilize long-range invisible infrared beam technology, like your TV remote control, which allows for eye-safe outdoor battles on very large playing fields in full sunlight.
  • They make a bright muzzle flash using LED lights when fired, so you know if you are being shot at!
  • They have three target sensors: one on the barrel tip, one on the front of the head, and one on the back of the head. Only head shots and guns shots count!
  • Each player starts with the same set number of health points. You lose one health point each time you are shot. When you run out of health points, you die! In some games we do respawns, and in other games, we don’t. It depends on the game we are playing.

It’s a blast for boys and girls of all ages… even kids over 18!

What to Wear

  • We suggest supportive footwear
  • Long pants, long sleeves (shorts and t-shirts are fine but offer less protection from the elements of the woods)
  • Gloves and a hat in colder months
  • Sunblock and bug spray in the warmer months
  • No flipflops or sandals, please!

Additional Information

  • After your game, you are welcome to use our picnic area for no additional fee.
  • Bring coolers and the food and drink of your choice!
  • We have a refrigerator for keeping food and drinks cold if needed.
  • No Age Restriction – Recommended 7 & Up.
  • We play as many games as we can in the time allowed.
  • A referee accompanies all groups.
  • Your group may be joined by other groups in the same time slot.
  • Party Packages must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. Party Package Pricing is not available for walk-in groups, so please book ahead if you want to save!

Please Note

Only a $50 deposit is required to book online!

If you have any questions, call us at 855-901-PLAY.