Splat Master Paintball

Quick Details

Minimum age:No Age Restriction – Recommended 10 & Up
30 minutes to two hours
Offered: Saturday & Sunday
Includes: Paintballs, padded chest protector, gun rental

Got a group of 10 to 12-year-olds trying paintball for the first time? Splat master paintball is the perfect low-impact option for beginners!

About Splat Master Paintball

Splat Master Paintball is designed to have the lowest impact of all our paintball options and is for ages 8 and up!

Guns shoot around 50 feet and are shotgun-style pump guns. They are best at close range and provide a very kid-friendly paintball option.

All Paintball Rental Packages Include

  • Admission
  • Pump-style paintball gun
  • Paintballs
  • Protective face masks
  • Padded chest protector

Features of Low Impact Paintball

Low Impact Paintball = Smaller Paintballs

Normal paintballs are about the size of a traditional gumball and have a thicker shell, while low-impact paintballs are about the size of a chickpea and have a thinner shell. The size difference naturally equates to the low impact paintball weighing less, and that means it carries less inertia (force) on impact. This is not to say it’s totally painless to be shot, but players typically say it is less painful than being shot with a full-size paintball.

Smaller, Lighter Guns

Low-impact paintball Guns are noticeably smaller, weigh considerably less, and are easier for smaller/younger players with less arm strength to hold.

Those playing our low-impact paintball do not play with or against those playing standard paintball.

We currently offer up to 20 low-impact rental guns.

The Experience

  • Our large playing fields are heavily wooded and full of obstacles, which offers great cover for epic battles.
  • Teams face off in multiple 10-minute games of capture the flag, team elimination, and more.
  • Paintball is an excellent way to stay fit and build stronger bonds between players.

What You Need

  • Boots or old running shoes
  • Long pants & long sleeves
  • Gloves and hat or do-rag
  • Sunblock and/or bug spray
  • Please, no flipflops or sandals!
  • Paintball stains typically come out of clothes if washed within 24 hours, but you may want a change of clothes for the ride home.

Additional Information

  • No Age Restriction – Recommended 10 & Up
  • We play as many games as we can in the time allowed.
  • A referee accompanies all groups.
  • You may be joined by other groups in the same time slot.
  • After your game, you are welcome to have a party/picnic using our picnic area for no additional fee.
  • Bring coolers with food and drinks! We have a refrigerator for keeping food and drinks cold if needed.

Please Note

Only a $50 deposit is required to book online!

If you have questions, call us at 855-901-7529 (PLAY).