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Paintball Admission – No Rental Included

Quick Details

Duration: All day
Offered: Every Day
Includes: Admission, free nitrogen/compressed air fills
Age minimum:  No Age Restriction – Recommended 10 & Up

All Day Admission

Already have all your paintball gear? Come play in our fields for a low admission fee. On Sundays, you can save even more money by bringing your own paint.

Paintball Mission

At Battlefront Memphis, it’s our goal is to make playing paintball affordable, family-friendly, and fun! Our large playing fields are heavily wooded and full of obstacles, which offers great cover for epic battles.

Face off in multiple games of capture the flag, team elimination, and more! Stay fit and build stronger bonds with your team with an awesome day of paintball!

Paint Costs

  • 100 paintballs – $5
  • Pod of 140 paintballs – $7.49
  • Bag of 500 paintballs – $20
  • Case of 2000 paintballs – $60

Sunday Is Bring Your Own Paint Day!

Save money and play on Sundays, when we allow players with their own paintball marker to bring their own paintballs purchased elsewhere. There are no paint color restrictions, but they must be considered eco-fill paintballs to help preserve the environment.

After your game, feel free to have a party/picnic using our picnic area for no additional fee. Bring coolers with the food and drink of your choice! We have a refrigerator for keeping food and drinks cold if needed.


  • Personal markers must be set to semi-automatic mode and have a barrel blocking device.
  • 280 FPS max
  • 13 BPS cap